Novella Series

Novella One

When glamour photographer William Marshall charters Don Curtis’s boat The Ariadne for a photo-shoot on a remote tropical island it’s an offer too good to turn down. Beautiful scenery, beautiful girls… what could possibly go wrong? The island hides a deadly secret though and soon Don, the photographers and models find themselves involved in a terrifying game of cat and mouse with a deadly adversary where death lies in wait behind every tree and boulder…Slaughter Beach – where paradise becomes a blood-drenched hell.

Novella Two

When Dr. Matthew Cole supervises Chloe Linton’s university research on a 16th Century warlock named Donald Deere, he is sceptical. Surely it’s just a local legend intended to scare people. But as Chloe develops her research, Matthew becomes embroiled in sinister events. They are both are drawn into woodland where Donald Deere was supposed to reside. And what they find might tear apart their minds.

Novella Three

Matt and Julie head to her parents’ big, remote house in the country, with their children Kayleigh, Carol and Robert, for a day out with friends and family. They intend spending the warm, summer’s day doing nothing more strenuous than engaging in light, casual conversation, eating lunch and drinking tea, while the kids play in the background.
At least, that’s the plan…
The kids disappear, only to return utterly, fundamentally changed. Something bad has happened to them, something very bad. 
The day becomes a pitched battle between the adults and the violent psychopaths their children have become. How can the adults survive against such an enemy, how can they even fight back, when the very thing they have to fight against is their own flesh and blood?

Novella Four

These are the dark days, a time of ruin.
It began when the black rocks fell to earth, bringing with them a contagion which infected man and beast alike, spreading death and destruction across the land. 
These are the days of the blight. 
The south of England has become a quarantine zone, separated from the rest of the country by a huge wall, a wall which Gus Abernathy must cross to find his son, Tom, taken from him at the outbreak of the blight. Amid the decaying remnants of civilisation, Gus discovers he is not the only one searching for Tom, so too are the Nephilim, once human but now changed by the blight into something monstrous who want the boy for their own deadly reasons. 
So begins one man’s quest, a nightmare journey in which finding his son really could be the most important thing in the world…

Novella Five

First there was darkness…Alessa Spiteri survives a bombing incident on the London Underground only to discover that the horror she experienced there is only the beginning of the nightmare.As she struggles to rebuild her life, she finds herself haunted by grotesque, shadow creatures – monsters Alessa believes are hallucinations, born of her traumatised mind until she meets Casey, also the survivor of an Underground bombing, who tells her she can see the monsters too.Together, the women plan their fightback against the creatures, a course of action which takes Alessa back into the tunnels beneath the city.Back into the darkness.

Novella Six

A house in the mountains, the roads to and from it impassable. The perfect place for best-selling author Peter’s annual holiday; a refuge from the pressures of life and an opportunity to recharge his creative batteries in solitude.
A dream location.
Except this year, something else has taken residence on the snow-covered slopes, something filled with malignant intent and a desire to kill. Driven by impulses beyond its ken, it seeks out the house in which Peter is staying and the writer soon finds himself in a battle with the deadliest of foes, a creature born of nightmares…

Novella Seven

From the author of AND CANNOT COME AGAIN and the BLACK ROAD series, two tales of family trees whose roots go down into dark and bloody soil. FITTON’S GHOST: When Laura inherits her murdered father’s derelict shop, she finds herself haunted by the terrible Grinning Boy. To escape him she’ll have to learn the truth about her family, and face something even more monstrous than him… BURNS THE WITCHFIRE, UPON THE HILL: Emma searches for her long-lost mother, only to learn she died mysteriously years before. Will uncovering the truth doom Emma to the same fate? The answers lie in dark earth, hidden places… and in a love like blood.

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